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Free Christian Press(FCP) is an independent global news service.  Our Mission is to report good news in love -- 24/7!


We cover some of the world's most  inspiring stories -- and we confront the main truths of the good news head on.  


Free Christian Press is just that... free.  Opportunity is simply given to support this news service through PayPal, Bitcoin and other means. 

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Initially it is our intent to remain advertising free.  However as our subscription base grows, we hope to eventually be able to offer reputable advertisers the opportunity to place strategic ads.   

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Free Christian Press is effectively being designed and developed to be a virtual gateway site to all things exciting. A secure and trusted data base for all things Christian.  

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Content ideas and experienced writers are needed.  Please contact us below if you can possibly contribute.  Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.