Cryptocurrency meets Charity?

The New World of Crypto

In the immediate wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the crypto currency Bitcoin was conceived and born.  Ten years later, and despite even the efforts of entire governments to try and stop it,  Bitcoin is not only still here, but it has already proved to be one of the greatest investments of all time.  Just a mere $1 worth of Bitcoin purchased in October of 2009, is now worth a staggering $8 million today. For those that need help with the math, that is an 8 Million% return on investment.  ???    

Now Bitcoin itself has since given birth to literally thousands of crypto currencies.  That's right, thousands.  In fact anyone today can literally create their own crypto currency by simply copying the core script of Bitcoin and slapping a different name on it.  The entire process takes two minutes to complete.  This is essentially exactly how the crypto currency Dogecoin came to be.   Most surrounding its initial introduction perhaps thought it was a mere joke.  After all it was named after... well... a dog.  However several months after its official launch in late 2013, Dogecoin, and which goes by the ticker DOGE, proved to be no joke and as its market value had quickly reached some $200 million dollars.  

Enter BiblePay

BiblePay, and  similar to Bitcoin and Dogecoin and with a limited supply number, acts as a reliable means of exchange, however in addition it provides a very real and unique 'Use case' .  The 'Use case' here involves helping orphans and the worlds poor.  Each month 10% of all coins generated by the BiblePay project go directly to helping highly vetted orphanages around the world.  This is good news! 

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BiblePay(BBP) was first launched in August of 2017.  The BiblePay community now supports 339 orphans per month.  If you would like to know more about this particular project visit

Patented Inventor & L.A.'S Father to Thousands

Profile: Clayton Golliher and Hope for Homeless Youth

2 days on location with Clayton Golliher. 

How does one man almost single handedly wipe out teenage prostitution on Hollywood Blvd?   

Meet Clayton Golliher, who is a prolific patented inventor and a true father to thousands of kids in Los Angeles.  Please go to


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Book of the Month

Revealing Heaven by author Kat Kerr

If you are experiencing grief and as the result of having lost a loved one and or pet, the book Revealing Heaven, by author Kat Kerr, is one of the most comforting books you could ever read.  Ms. Kerr is one of those rare souls that has been given unusual prophetic gifting.  During a 20 year period of diligent prayer and in the night hours, Ms. Kerr claims to have been to Heaven more times than the average mid-westerner has visited Walmart.  In particular she has been given special insight and answers as to what happens to our beloved pets.  According to Ms. Kerr, who grew up in a family that absolutely loved pets of all kinds, they will all be waiting to greet us believers and at the pearly gates.  Her book is a fascinating read and as it brings much comfort to the grieving heart.  

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