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PROFILE: Ms. Liz Crokin - Investigative Journalist

In 2016 and while on assignment for London based news service The Observer, veteran investigative journalist Ms. Liz Crokin exposed blatant fraud inside Hillary Clintons massive democratic fundraising machine. Here Ms. Crokin carefully brought to light that literally hundreds of thousands of Hilliary Clintons poorest donors were being deliberately preyed upon.  Her expert reporting surrounding this extraordinary financial abuse was never disputed.    

Ms. Crokin has most recently been investigating and reporting on international Human Sex trafficking.  This fearless reporter now tells us  that since President Donald J. Trump has taken office, literally hundreds of pedofiles worldwide are being indicted and arrested for heinous crimes.  In fact, on Ms. Crokins own website,, we can find that literally dozens of high level individuals have already been arrested by law enforcement worldwide: including a number of former Presidents of Nations, 12 democratic mayors in the United States, sadistic ex-police officers, politicians,members of the Royal Saudi family,  Hollywood entertainment figures, etc.  And Ms. Crokin assures us that this is just the beginning and as over 45,000 indictments have already been issued by the United States Judicial system.    

Again, as difficult as this subject  is to address -- this is all good news!!  


Ms. Crokin is a twenty year veteran investigative journalist.  She has worked for the Chicago Tribune, major media outlets, and was part of the White House press core under George W. Bush.  Ms. Liz Crokin is also the author of the fictional thriller Malice. Her website is:

Now that Ms. Crokin is deeply investigating the truth about Human Sex trafficking, tragically her former major media clients have suddenly stopped hiring her. Thankfully, we can now all support Liz directly at: 

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Profile: New York Times Best Selling Author Mike Evans and his 100 year Vision. 

Missionary to America


Exclusive interview with author and Indonesian missionary Mel Tari.   

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Exclusive interview with Robert Andrews, Lead developer and founder of BiblePay. 


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Competition and Christianity?

The Kingdom of Heaven vs. The World

  • Competition and Christianity?

    Missionary work is a tough business -- and as in any sincere endeavor -- it stands to reason that one simply can't get away without being fully committed to the work at hand. Solid education and training -- a given. A willingness to humble oneself and apprentice in the field - a must. And that's just for starters.

    In 1998  a good friend of mine and his wife were missionaries to Japan.  They worked that  territory so to speak  for eight consecutive years. Upon his eventual return to the United States in 2006, this particular friend of mine later confided in me that he and his wife may have very well planted seeds in the hearts of the Japanese people themselves, but he wasn't actually quite confident that they had been successful in leading even one Japanese person to the Christian faith. This particular friends batting average in the eyes of the world was not .280, not even .160 -- but .000! From a business results perspective - he most definitely would have expected to hear from the host of The Apprentice "You're fired!"  However, and under those assumptions, the biblical Noah himself would have perhaps heard those very words as well. Let me explain.

    The New Testament mentions that Noah himself was a preacher of righteousness. Therefore, in addition to building a big boat, a very big boat, the bible is quite clear that Noah himself was essentially a forerunner of the modern missionary.  He preached for over 100 years.  He told people that they needed to live holy lives.  That was it -- live holy lives.  In the end, the bible fully records that apart from his immediate family members, which included his wife, three sons and three daughters in law, in well over 100 years of faithful missionary work -- Noah failed to actually win one additional convert.

    There is no competition in Heaven. Down here -- if heaven is your destination - scripture admonishes us to send our bounty up there for safe keeping. We are also promised rewards if we do the work of the cross. What is that work? The work of the cross has absolutely no appeal to the world as such. It requires us to die to our agendas. It asks us to decrease so the father above can increase. Once you arrive in heaven -- you will receive your awards. Today False world systems have so completely infiltrated the church world. Gifted ministers / speakers are living for themselves. If you don't produce results - you're fired, fired, fired. While other
    ministers are doing the true work of God and being continually overlooked. In Heaven there is no such thing as competition. The enemy tried that but he and his co-Horts were all thrown out.

    If we want serious rewards in heaven -- we must enter into the full understanding that down here on earth we must be committed humble servants. We must serve the poor. We must comfort the broken hearted. Of course there is a balance to everything in life. The human barometer so to speak. Where we feel healthy and strong and full of joy. If any of these areas are off - we must check the barometer. Something is off.

    This is not what the bible teaches. The bible is all about life freedom and joy. Not heaviness. Not absolute drudgery.

    My 21st century missionary friend Christian and Noah of old were both working for the family business - and only their Father in Heaven who had originally paid dearly for this business of salvation -- knows the ultimate score. In 2006 my friend Christian and his wife eventfully moved back to the United States with two beautiful daughters. In 2011, some five years later, disaster would strike the Japanese island system.  A massive earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami.  Nearly 20,000 souls perished and it is estimated that the economy suffered 360 Billions in losses.  One can only think that perhaps some of the seeds that these dear friends of mine had planted among the Japanese citizenry perhaps suddenly surfaced - seeds that made it abundantly clear that Jesus was indeed the only true way back to God. Unfortunately for the people in Noah's time -- once the door to the ark was finally closed -- and the rain began to flood the earth - the bible tells us that it was too late for them. By that time -- all hope had been lost - the so-called window of opportunity was decisively sealed shut - and as Noah had been firmly commanded by His Father in Heaven to not open the door to the now desperate cries of the lost.

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